Code to get all form element values using JQuery

In this example i am going to explain about how to get all filled values using JQuery

Steps To Follow:

1.To get all elements( textbox,checkbox,radiobutton,textarea) values inside a div with id “parentdiv” below jQuery code is used.

var outval = “”;
$(‘#parentdiv input:checked,#parentdiv textarea,#parentdiv input[type=text]’).map(function () {
    outval += this.value + “,”;
2. If your parentdiv contains many divs inside it then you can use the below code to get the value.

var outval = “”;
jQuery(‘#parentdiv > div input:checked,#parentdiv > div textarea,#parentdiv > input[type=text]’).map(function () {
    outval += this.value + “,”;

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