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A GridView is a graphical user interface element that presents a tabular view of data. Here we are going to learn how to bind grid view in  Gridview can be load using database or list. First take a look at how to bind gridview using list. In next post we can learn how to bind gridview with database.
Step 1: Create new New Website project in visual studio by selecting File -> New Project -> New                   Website. Name it as “GridViewExample” .
Step 2: Right click your project and create “New Form”. And the leave the name as default .
Step 3: Select the “GridView” from the toolbox and place it in the web form. 
Step 4: Now we are going to create another class for storing the data. Right click the project and                   select New Item and name it as “Employee”. Then add the following code
            public class Employee
             public Employee() { }
             public Employee(Employee emp)
                  ID = emp.ID;
                  Name = emp.Name;
                  FatherName = emp.FatherName;
                  Email = emp.Email;
             public int ID { get; set; }
             public string Name { get; set; }
             public string FatherName { get; set; }
             public string Email { get; set; }   
Step 5: Then we are going to add the data which need to display in gridview.  Select the button from tool box and place it under the gird view name it as “Add Details”.
Step 6 : In Default.aspx.cs , add the following code :
   public List<Employee> Generate_Data()
        List<Employee> lstEmployee = new List<Employee>();
        Employee employee = new Employee();
        employee.ID = 1;
        employee.Name = “John Cena”;
        employee.FatherName = “John”;
        employee.Email = “”;
        lstEmployee.Add(new Employee(employee));
        employee.ID = 2;
        employee.Name = “Mokesh”;
        employee.FatherName = “Rajnikant”;
        employee.Email = “”;
        lstEmployee.Add(new Employee(employee));
        employee.ID = 3;
        employee.Name = “Bilal Ahmad”;
        employee.FatherName = “Kashif”;
        employee.Email = “”;
        lstEmployee.Add(new Employee(employee));
        employee.ID = 4;
        employee.Name = “Chin Shang”;
        employee.FatherName = “Shang Woe”;
        employee.Email = “”;
        lstEmployee.Add(new Employee(employee));
        return lstEmployee;
Step 7:  Add the following code in button click method.
        List<Employee> lstEmployee = new List<Employee>();
        lstEmployee = Generate_Data();
        GridView1.DataSource = lstEmployee;
And now we are ready to bind the data. Yes run the program and click the button , your eyes will be filled with output !!!
Thank you !!!

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