Android Circle Round Button Example

In this tutorial i am going to explain about Android Circle/Round Button Example. In my previous tutorial i have explained about

Implementation of Android Circle/Round Button:

Now we will see the implementation of Android Circle/Round Button Example. First open the android studio and create a new project. file will look like below.

We no need to change anything in the above file since we are going to create the circle or round button using the xml. Now inside res -> drawable folder create a xml file with circularbutton.xml and add the below code.

And create one more file called circular_button_with_state_change.xml and add the below code. This xml is to show the different colors on button pressed state.

Now open the activity_main.xml file and add the below xml. It contains two buttons. Both will look circular in shape but the second button will change the colour on press since the background attribute is set with our circular_button_with_state_change.xml for the second button.


Now if you run the program you can see the output of Android Circle/Round Button Example.

Before applying circularbutton style - Android Circle Round Button ExampleAfter applying circularbutton style - Android Circle Round Button Example


Hope you learned  Android Circle/Round Button Example. Do you like this tutorial? Help us to improve. Please post your comments and feedback below.

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