Blogging Tips For Beginners

Blogging Tips For Beginners

Starting a new blog is an exciting time of inspiration, ideas and dreams of future glory. Although those who plan to monetize blog, first period can cause serious stress. Writing articles and increasing volume of external links takes time and, unfortunately, not all bloggers are rewarded for their efforts.

If you for the first time starting a blog, so here are a few things you should know. Just one wrong step, and the prospect of a real profit from the monetization of your blog will be seriously reduced.

You created a “wrong” blog

Part 2 of Blogging Tips For Beginners

The biggest mistake you can make as a blogger – is to go in the wrong sphere. Content can be, and “King of the blog,” but it does not give you thousands of readers, if youare writing, for example, about the rocks or reproduction of annelid worms. Think carefully about which blog you want to create. Choose something that you will be able to monetize what you’re competitive in, and – the most important – something that you really like.

You decided to do a blog, with the wrong motive

Here are two things that all bloggers should be aware of before you start a blog:

  • Blogs seldom bring good profit in the first year of its existence. Those who do not accept this fact, the blog can hardly live to see his second birthday.
  • Do not start a blog purely for the sake of income. Really passionate bloggers earn big money on their hobby, all the rest – only to receive pocket money

You may copy the old news

Make your working principle collecting ready information, and you will become another faceless copypaster.

Why is enthusiasm so important when choosing a theme for your blog? Because creating interesting blog is not the facts, and opinions. If you do not feel passion for what you are writing, showing your opinion would be very difficult.

If you think you can copy the ideas of others and earn on it, think again. It does not matter what you write about – you should always strive to say something new.

You underestimate (or overestimate) the value of search engine optimization

Part 3 of Blogging Tips For Beginners

In every profitable industry of blogosphere has settled hundreds of bloggers who want to earn. And since they all use SEO, you also have to learn the principles of search engine optimization. Otherwise, your blog from day one have to exist in a continuous exhausting struggle.

But there is another side: many bloggers direct their efforts only to SEO, even though their main task is to create quality content. These bloggers may get some profit in the short terms, but it is until people from Google to update any algorithm and re-optimized blog will lose all its benefits. Optimize your publication for search engines, but write for readers.

You are posting your articles when pleases

Lack of updates will kill any blog, let alone the newly created. Whether you make the publication every day or once a week – it does not matter. The main thing that you have to have is your schedule, and you should stick with it. When someone comes to your blog, he needs to know when to expect the next article. Otherwise, why would he come back?

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