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What are the services required for NFS

NFS relies on Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) to route requests between clients and servers. RPC services under Linux are controlled by the portmap service. To share or mount NFS file systems, the following services work together: NFS service port number 2049, Portmapper service port number -111 nfs — Starts the appropriate RPC processes to service

Linux Ethernet Bonding

1.1 Ethernet Bonding Ethernet Bonding (NIC Teaming) allows you to have two NICs bonded together to appear as if they are the same physical device. Also, you can aggregate multiple ports into a single group, effectively combining the bandwidth into a single connection. 1.2 Pre-requisites To bond two Ethernet interfaces, the following are necessary –

Integrating Linux with Windows Environment

We can integrate the Linux server with Windows environment by adding the linux server to Active Directory Domain controller, By using the below steps we can join the Linux server into AD Create the Linux server hostname to corresponding DNS ‘A’ record Install the below packages nscd samba-winbind yum  install nscd samba-winbind Run authconfig-tui Authentication

Choosing SWAP file system size in Linux

If server’s RAM is less than or equal to 4GB then the recommended SWAP file system size is 2 GB If server’s RAM is between 4 GB and 16 GB then the recommended SWAP file system size is 4GB If server’s RAM is between 16 GB and 64 GB then the recommended SWAP file system

Minimum required partitions to install Linux (RHEL)

In order to install the RHEL OS we required minimum three partition as below, 1)boot 2) root and  3) Swap

Disaster Recovery (DR) activity:

Disaster Recovery (DR) activity is the set of best practices to be followed to attain the 99.9999% uptime of the Applications which are hosted in the DCs. Prerequisite for DR: Two Data Centers (DC) are located at different locations namely Production Data Center and  DR Data Center sites. Both DCs server’s configuration should be same

Linux Server Hardening:

Linux server hardening is the first step will be performed on the server after provisioning. Setting the banner message of the day(motd) can be set by editing the below file, /etc/motd This file content can act as welcome message when you are login to the server.   Setting Password aging policy These settings will help