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Convert Dataset Datatable or GridView to XML in ASP.Net using C#.Net or VB.Net How to use WriteXml() in C#.Net or VB.Net

In this tutorial i am going to explain about how to convert dataset datatable or gridview into xml document in Asp.Net using C#.Net & VB.Net or How to use WriteXml() in C#.Net or VB.Net. It is achieved using DataTable.WriteXml() method in the System.Data namespace.I have created a new empty website and added a webform to

ASP.Net – Convert XML to Datatable in C#.net, VB.Net

I have the below XML File  <?xml version=“1.0“ encoding=“utf-8“?> <root>   <Employee>     <Id>1</Id>     <EmpName>Kannadasan</EmpName>     <Gender>Male</Gender>     <Dept>Reading Books</Dept>   </Employee>   <Employee>     <Id>2</Id>     <EmpName>Kaviyarasan</EmpName>     <Gender>Male</Gender>     <Dept>Playing Games</Dept>   </Employee>   <Employee>     <Id>3</Id>     <EmpName>Ramkumar</EmpName>     <Gender>Male</Gender>     <Dept>Reading Books</Dept>   </Employee>   <Employee>     <Id>4</Id>     <EmpName>Xavier

C# code to bind XML data to Grid view

Introduction:In this article i am going to explain about the code used to bind the xml data to grid view. Description:In this article to explain the process i have a grid view named mygrid and a XML File named details.xml.First the xml file is read from the specified path. Then the xml is read into the